27 May 2009

What do you do when....

...you and your spouse enjoy travelling/exploring new places together?
...and one of you has been wanting to go back to the Black Forest where he has great childhood memories from a trip to Europe?
...and you find flights for the both of you for £4 return including taxes (plus £50 in other misc fees!)?
...and you have a cousin in Germany who is willing to offer free accommodation for a couple nights?
...and you have no kids to worry about?
...and it's your 7th anniversary?

You book said cheap tickets and starting planning!

And what do you do when....
...you realize you will be a mere hour's drive from Switzerland?

You say sweetly to your husband, "Surely you won't take me that close to Switzerland and not let me go?!"

Thus was the initial stages of our upcoming trip. We leave tomorrow to fly out of Glasgow to go Hahn in Germany for a whirlwind tour of part of Germany and hopefully a couple cities in Switzerland. I'm sure there will pictures a-plenty to share upon our return next Wednesday, along with stories. Though, I have a good friend flying in for a week's stay the Friday after we get back so it might take some time to get around to sharing.

We'd covet your prayers as we go, especially for my food allergies. After we booked the tickets I had a dreadful thought that I've never travelled any where (with food allergies) that English wasn't really the primary language. While I know many people will speak it, it's still a bit frightening to not know ingredients and be unsure if I will be able to find what I need, etc. Since my brother is fluent in German and used to live there, he's translated some words/phrases for me to use when ordering food so that should be helpful. Nonetheless, we both ask you'd pray that I'd be free from any allergy issues, and that in general we'd both stay healthy.

You can also pray for us as Mark drives again on the right side of the road and I help navigate and read German signs :)

See you when we get back!

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Ronnica said...

I hope you're having a wonderful trip and that your allergies aren't a problem at all!