21 May 2009

The Google Empire

This is not a paid ad (though I wish it were, because extra $ or £ is always nice and some lady's advert on Facebook tells me Google pays her tons per day!).....

I am a Google fan. All things Google are great! I use it or one of its products multiple times a day, sometimes simultaneously. I'm addicted to Google. I remember the first time I heard about and used Google. I think I was a Junior or Senior in college (a frightening 10 or so years ago!). I was working for a Bible prof at Cedarville and he asked me to do some investigative work regarding other university's Bible departments. I was amazed. It was love at first sight. And the Google of yesteryear wasn't even a drop in the bucket that it is today.

Let's list some of the wonders of Google:
--Any time Mark asks me something I don't know the answer to I reply "Google it." I think he's finally catching on that Google knows everything.

--Google Chrome, Google's innovative web browser. It took me awhile to appreciate it fully, but now I use it frequently. I love the one click that gets me to my favorite and most visited sites. I have to admit, I do still use Firefox (Internet Explorer is wretched, btw) but that is just because the blogs I follow are bookmarked there, as well as some other bookmarks. It's only a matter of time until I go completely Chrome.

--Googlemail/Gmail -- Seriously, if you aren't using gmail yet, you are missing out. Just click the link and learn why. I'm glad I have switched. My only complaint with this is that now I don't see any news headlines when I sign into my email, and that is easily remedied when I take the time to go elsewhere.

--Google Earth -- If you haven't seen what Google Earth can do by flying you around the world, zooming in on various places, again, you are missing out. Try the free download and see what fun you can have visiting the world. In fact, why don't you come see us!

--Google Maps -- Certainly related to Google Earth, especially with its new fascinating Street View feature. Did you know you can see our flat, street, medical practice (and old car) if you type in our address? I have long since quit using Mapquest.

--Google Docs -- Another brilliant innovation from Google. When my friends and I were putting together our website for incoming student families, we used this to collaborate our work. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but once I understood how it worked I was hooked to yet another Google product! Just today I used it instead of my own word processor for some personal work.

--Picasa -- As one who loves photos you shouldn't be surprised I love this free photo editing (and online storage) program. And if you have gmail, it's super easy to send photos to friends!

--Google Calendar -- This has been a great resource for my friends here when we are taking meals to friends who have had babies. We can all get on the calendar, see what days are open for taking a meal and see what meal is being provided (so they don't get too many duplicates). Brilliant!

I know there are more products available, but I just haven't taken the time to explore them yet.

In the meantime, what will Google think of next?! I can't wait to find out! The past 10 years of my life have been so enriched by Google I can't imagine it not existing. Here's to more 10 more years of innovation and fascination! Thanks, Google. I love you!

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Ronnica said...

I've yet to go Chrome, but I probably will sometime. I know IE is awful, but I use it anyway because it's convenient and I know all the shortcuts. Sad, I know! We've used Google Calendar at work for years...it's perfect for our small office!