01 May 2009

What I've Been up to....

Not sure if it is just me, but there seems to be less posts from me in 2009. Maybe you've noticed it too? I thought I'd share why.

My growing photography hobby has taken on near part-time job proportions in my life since we've been back here in Aberdeen these 4 months since returning from our Christmas/New Year holiday. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning I've done on my own in my house just by reading/researching (and you thought Mark was the only researcher in this household!). But also the learning done "out in the field." Somewhere along the way I concluded I needed to start learning to take portraits since all I had really ever done was landscape, architecture, flowers, etc. To be a well-rounded amateur photographer I at least had to "give it a go."

Because I had 3 local friends due with babies in the space of about 4 weeks I thought starting with newborn portraits was an obvious choice. I've learned a ton by hands-on practice sessions with some very willing (and not so willing) guinea pigs. My friends have been incredibly kind to let me try various things with their children, who at the times of shoots have ranged from 10 days old to 2 and a half. Each time I do another shoot I learn more and am grateful that on the whole I think I'm getting better. That reward keeps me pressing on to try again next time, despite the challenges/fears that come with each new person.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the latest Rachel blog: http://rophoto.wordpress.com This is where I'm trying to put my favorite works so that if I do ever decide to do this for some income I have a place to refer clients to see my style/work.

In the midst of all these photos sessions, I noticed something random (because my editing program lists everything alphabetically) -- my friends have strategically, and in near perfect order, named their children according to the alphabet!

Abigail (She was born Feb 6 and is the daughter of Jeff and Allison)
Benjamin (He was born Feb 16 and is the 2nd son of Chris and Rachel)
Callum (He was born March 8 to Brannan and Kate. You might remember his big sister Lily.)
Duncan (He was born October 16 to Joe and Katrina. Okay, so they reserved the "D" spot a little out of order.)
Evie (short for Genevie, so kinda cheating on this one! She was born March 9. I haven't taken her photos yet because her family moved back to the US last summer when she was in utero - but, I'm excited that she is coming for a visit when her dad graduates in early July so I will get to add her adorable face to my growing collection of children's faces! She is the daughter of Trey and Becky.)

I can't forget two other shoots: Rebekah and Luke who are brother and sister and go with Josh and Emily

As you can see, there is no lack of precious faces for me to practice on! It's so fun to be surrounded by "family" while away from family.

I'm pretty excited that I also now have some "big people" who've agreed to be guinea pigs. Yesterday I took some photos for David and Rosie. They were a great couple to shoot for my first engagement shots and I'm so pleased with many images we got from the session. I have two more engagement shoots lined up for this month, as well as another 1 year old session.

Don't forget to check out the "Our World" links at the right side of my new blog as well. They are the holding place for my favorite non-portrait shots. I look forward to having some of them hanging on our own walls some day!

The blog is still a work in progress, but I'm pleased enough with it for now to invite you to visit, and keep going back if you like what you see!

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Jonathan & Noella said...

Your work is amazing! Wish we were close enough to have you do a kid shoot with our munchkins. Thanks for sharing!