08 March 2009

Parents for a Day

Our friends, the Ellis', have been expecting their 2nd child. We were on the "on call" list to watch Lily, their first child when the time came. Yesterday evening I got a call from Kate saying she was having early labor signs so wasn't too surprised when I got a call this morning saying that precious Callum Luke was born during the middle of the night last night. The cool thing is, they got to have him at home! They had been planning to do a home birth since the beginning. It's very easy to do here in Scotland, especially since midwives are often used for deliveries. So to give the weary parents a break (to sleep and bond with Callum) we kept Lily for the day. I forgot how fun (and non-stop) two year olds are! (I used to nanny for one for a few months in our home 40+ hours a week about 4 years ago.) Here's a few pictures to show you what it's like to be in our home from a 2 year old's perspective.

We aren't exactly equipped to feed a child at the table...
but we made do (with Joy of Cooking and a couch pillow) :)

Apparently to a 2 yr old, these look look Pooh's teapots
(though usually she mentions Pooh's honey pots, so I asked if that is what she meant)
Our ottoman makes a great seat to kneel on to use the window sill as
a place for Little People to do whatever it is Little People do
The couch is a fantastic place to hide behind for games like peek-a-boo
And our cute little stool makes a great reading chair.The great thing about being a parent for a day is something akin to being grandparents (or so I hear) -- giving them back after all the fun has been had :) So nothing remains from the day other than a child's chatter echoing in our ears. Oh, and the Pack 'n Play (travel cot) that is stuck in our room because neither of us are smart enough to figure out how to collapse it. Guess you have to be a parent longer than a day to do that!

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Mama Em said...

I actually saw that stool the other day and thought how much Lily would like it. :) I LOVE, love, love how servant-hearted y'all are. Kate soooo appreciated your help on the d-day and also your help around her flat. You are a dear friend.