09 March 2009

Who Knew....

.....a very tiny bolt (see comparison in size with a regular sized pen) could cause so much trouble!
This is the bolt that snapped in half causing all our car woes. We praise God we got our car back this past Thursday! It has been nice to have this option again in our lives as a form of transportation. I am still just amazed that an 82 pence (roughly $1.15) piece of metal could cause nearly 3 weeks of headaches and hundreds of £ worth of labor (I think that between the 2 mechanics we paid for 12 hours of labor - OUCH!) I laughed that the 2nd mechanic (who found this bolt to be the problem and replaced it, rather than having us buy a new gearbox costing us more money) gave me the bolt. We joked that we could keep the bolt as a memento of our time in Scotland and patience learned. I told him it was a very expensive lesson on patience, but apparently I/we needed it!

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Mama Em said...

I am glad you are mobile again!