03 March 2009

News in our Corner of the World

Just in case this little bit of random news misses your evening tele, thought I'd bring it to you. Go here to read. Not everyone is a fan of Trump (wait, is anyone?) :) Every now and then ever since arriving in Aberdeen we've heard talk of Trump and his big plans to build a golf course/resort not far outside of Aberdeen. On the whole folks are against it. This one has a slightly different angle, but they are against him all the same. I think the protesters should be called "Plain Stupid" because obviously they are lacking in some intelligence as they do illegal things.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a wee bit of spring cheer on this dreich Aberdeen day....

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3 for Me! said...

The flower is Beautiful!!! Your pictures are soo great!! Thanks for passing it to us:)

All my flowers are FROZEN....LOL