19 March 2009

Thursday Night Shopping and Other Boring News

Thursday night shopping is a fairly big deal here. It's the only night things are open late - or later anyways. (Well, before I go further, to be fair, you can go to some grocery stores until 10pm and one is even 24 hours.) The mall is open until a shocking 8pm versus its usual 5 or 5:30 (I forget which). Maybe it is occasionally open until 6pm? So for the first time (in my remembrance) since arriving here 18 months ago we actually participated in Thursday night shopping. I feel as though we can cross another thing off our Aberdeen to-do list! Really, we didn't even do much shopping. We were going to drop (a lot) of money for some new glasses for Mark but he is still deciding so we settled for purchasing one smaller (and much less expensive) item he needed at another store - John Lewis. Also got that crossed off my to-do list. John Lewis is kind of like a Dillard's or Macy's in the US, your basic, nice department store. I still hadn't been there even though it is one of the biggest stores in Aberdeen. So I sort of feel like I accomplished a lot this evening even though my kitchen is a mess since we ran out the door after cooking/eating to participate in the "late night shopping" experience.In the "other boring news" section, I was in the midst of freezing as I walked home from work today (in obviously not enough layers because I thought Mark and the weather people said it was going to be in the low 50's today) when I encountered one of our Scottish friends who can often be found in shorts when there is no warm weather to be found. I had just put on my gloves and hat (that thankfully I had with me!) and he says "are you cold?" while he's standing there in jeans (at least not shorts), a shirt and his "jumper" (aka a light-weight hoodie). YES, I'M COLD! He replies "I was just thinking to myself how warm it was and how nice to go outside without a coat." Seriously folks, it was probably low 40's with the wind, maybe upper 30's. I can't get over how warm blooded some of these Scots are! I wish they'd share their secret with me. I proceeded to come home and tried to warm up. It took me hours because I was so chilled to the bone!But I had to include a few pics that I took on campus a couple weeks ago because it helps me think it's warmer than it is and reminds me of warmer, sunnier days :)

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Mama Em said...

LOVE the pics, esp the last one.