25 April 2009

Laundry Line Lottery

I've played "Laundry Line Lottery" 3 times this week....and lost twice. As I walked home in the rain from work one day (bemoaning the fact that I had laundry on the line I was hoping would be drier after work than before it!) I was contemplating how hanging laundry out on the line here is a form of gambling. You hang your laundry out. You hope to cash in big. (I mean, who living in Aberdeen doesn't long for clothes to dry within hours of coming out of the washing machine?) Your hopes are high. The sun is out. Your luck is good. And then. Disaster. The clouds roll in quickly and start to drop pellets of water onto your almost dry laundry. And just like that your luck has run amuck. That my friends, is my take on drying your clothes outside in Aberdeen.