02 April 2009

When Tragedy Strikes

It's always shocking and painful to hear of a tragedy in one's community. Yesterday afternoon such a tragedy struck the Northeast of Scotland when it was reported a helicopter crashed into the North Sea. Aberdeen's livelihood and very nature is very much enmeshed in the oil industry so a disaster within the oil industry touches many who live in the city. They are still searching for the helicopter and remaining passengers on board the helicopter that went down, but chances are all 16 will eventually be pronounced dead. In a small city like Aberdeen, with so many involved in oil or off-shore work, it doesn't take long before you know someone who knows someone who's loved one died. My new co-workers old colleague's son was among one of those who lost his life. It is a grave reminder of the brevity of life and the need for all to hear the gospel of Christ. It's also been a day of remembering another day when this region suffered even greater loss. I pray our church, other believers, and I can be a light to bring hope and comfort in this time of grief. Please pray with us as we minister to those who might cross our paths during this tragedy.

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