10 April 2009

Forgiven at the Cross

We just came from a simple, yet effective Good Friday service. What a blessing to sing, meditate and listen to words about the cross and Christ's sacrifice upon it. These words echo in my head: "This, the pow'r of the cross: Christ became sin for us. Took the blame, bore the wrath - we stand forgiven at the cross." So perhaps that's why the below photo (taken about 6 weeks ago) resonated with me a few moments ago as I looked through my collection.
I love the light and dark shining on the cross. That's truly how it was. A dreadful event, and yet the most wonderful thing to ever have taken place for you and I (well, when followed with the Resurrection, of course!). Awful because Christ had to die for us. He had to become sin for us. And yet most amazing because His death and subsequent resurrection allow us life! We might die physically, but we who believe will live eternally! And I also love the bird (pretend it's a dove, not a dirty seagull!) atop the cross.....like he's free to fly and live. He's standing forgiven at the cross. That's how I want to live - forgiven and free!

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