19 April 2009

A Wee Catch-up

Just a random update on our lives...

-Mark's cold is much better and we are so thankful I never caught it though several times I thought I was.

-The sun was shining today again after a good 5 days of not seeing it. It felt like Easter all over again since it was gorgeous here last Sunday also. We decided to take advantage of it and made a quick trip to a large estate about 40 minutes away called Haddo House. We'd never been there but there were lots of paths to walk on, complete with all sorts of fun things for me to take photos of. Perhaps my favorite of the day is below.The shots I have to admit were rather lucky (all of a sudden I saw him do this and just starting shooting) and I was so excited they were actually in focus in the right place :) He reminds me of a dog standing on his hind legs and begging for more treats. I wish I could say that's what he was doing since there were people nearby tossing bread to the ducks but I think he was just flapping his wings to get the ruffles out...or whatever birds are doing when they do that.

On the way back home Mark was so kind to let me take a few shots on campus. There is this gorgeous tree blooming and I've been wanting a shot of it. Today was perfect with the blue skies and no one on the lawn when we went. I've been wanting to try this infrared filter I got on-line to go with my editing software. Very fun! It's nice to take some editing liberty at times.

-My counseling class finished a few weeks ago. It was a good class that has challenged me to think through various issues in my life and also about counseling in general. Not sure I'm really ready to counsel anyone yet, but I have a good starting place should the need ever arise. I'm still not sure if an actual center will open where women in the community could receive free counseling, but we'll see.

-My parents booked plane tickets to come see us June 29-July 10! Visitors (mom/dad no less) is always something to celebrate! Mark and I are busy planning out some travels around Scotland while they are here.

-I didn't win the photo competition with the theme "Seasons" that you all helped vote on your favorite sheep photo. Go here to see which photos did win. Maybe next time :)

I'm sure there is more but we'll leave it at that so I can keep "wee" in the title.


Mama Em said...

LOVE the pics- I have been looking at that tree myself. Glad you enjoyed your day. I got your email about the flash drive- no hurry- thanks!!!

Siân said...

Your pictures are amazing - what a gift!