15 April 2009

Man Cold/Flu

One of the best things about living overseas (in an English speaking country) is picking up new words/phrases that I am sure we will have in our family for years to come. One of favorites is the phrase "man cold" or "man flu," as we also sometimes hear it. We have the same thing in the U.S. I'm just not sure I've heard a name put on it. It's appropriately named here.

Unfortunately my man has a cold. Not fun for either of us really. But back in November when Mark was sick for what seemed like an eternity, a friend sent Mark this super funny video. Maybe it is only funny after you've watched it repeatedly (which we have, probably at least 50, no joke). We both have it memorized. It gets the point across well (minus using the Lord's name in vain) and is rather entertaining. Hope you enjoy! (Oh, and you may have to listen a couple times to understand it! Also, "999" is like our "911" and "Lemsip" is like "Thera-flu.")

Also, here is me and my "poor little bunny" on Easter day (see how lovely it was here?!) before he was feeling so poorly. See how cute he is in his new glasses?!

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