04 November 2008

Election Day

As previously mentioned we voted via absentee ballot about 10 days ago, so maybe you'll understand why I woke up this morning and completely forgot it was election day until I saw a co-worker on the internet reading up about it. (Hey, I remembered yesterday, just not yet today!) I said to this co-worker "I guess the polls will open in about half and hour" (it was 10:30am our time so 5:30am EST). She corrected me and said they'd been voting in New Hampshire since midnight. Okay then. Kinda sad when your non-American colleagues know more than you! Oh well, I figure we'll hear the outcome and that'll be that.

In other election happenings, Mark and I cracked up in the car this week when we heard the announcer on the radio say Barack Obama's name "Barrack (think army barracks) Obamer (think English accent putting "er" on the end of words that end in "a"). Made for a great election memory. We just wondered if the reporter knew that wasn't exactly how his name was pronounced, or if they just modified it culturally...appeared to be the latter.

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