24 October 2008

I Voted Today

Feels weird to have voted in the comfort of my living room. Almost feels weird to have voted for anyone since on the whole I feel rather removed from all things political. Don't get me wrong, we find a few things out from the internet, but generally speaking we aren't in the loop (or should I say bombarded) like we'd be in the States. However, not caring much about politics or politicians (and the drama they both bring) I for one have been sooooo grateful we've been gone during this campaign.

I just hope our ballots make NC's 3rd of November 5pm deadline! Might be kinda close! In any case, our ballots are signed, sealed and secret until they reach NC.

1 comment:

Ronnica said...

I'm glad you voted. I've voted several times absentee, but never quite as "out of it" as you are. (And that's not a knock on your mental focus...)