19 October 2008

For Becky (and the rest of you too!)

A friend of mine, Becky, and her family recently moved back to the States after living here for 2 years while her husband completed a degree similar to Mark's. In an e-mail from Becky a couple weeks ago she mentioned how she remembered all the leaves changing so nicely last year. I have to be honest, I was too impressed last year. I just remembered the leaves molding, turning brown and falling off.

However, since that e-mail (and in an effort to be content and enjoy the little things of life) I have been trying to take notice of the beauty of the trees, and my surroundings in general. I mean, we really do live in a great part of the world! So, in an effort to 1) give Becky glimpses of her foreign and yet familiar "home"(we miss you!), and 2) so we can forever look back on the Aberdeen autumn on campus ourselves once we're gone, here are some photos I took on my lunch break yesterday (while working at the Old Town House). (And if you make it to the bottom, you can even hear the sounds!)
The wonderful King's College building/crown that is so dear to our hearts!
The ivy that grows on the New King's building.

(The) High Street -- the main road running through campus complete with a wealth of old buildings.
Meston Walk...the road I get to walk down (nearly) every day. My favorite part of the walk! It's almost magical to be going through the little tree tunnel.
Above and below are both private homes on campus. Below is one of the original Old Aberdeen homes that used to have a thatched roof on it. So cute! I also really enjoy walking on the path past these homes.
Bishop Elphinstone's "tomb." The story goes it was built too big so they had to leave it outside because it wouldn't fit inside the chapel! So this is outside and his actual casket/remains are inside. Very odd.

The High Street again looking the opposite way (from the Old Town House). Below you can tell they were getting ready for a wedding!

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