26 October 2008

Bye Bye British Summer Time

Before I even knew what it was, I was longing for British Summer Time. That oh so glorious hour springing the clocks forward, boasting more daylight. But alas, it has ended and we are back into winter time/standard time. (Yes, a whole week sooner than the US.) March 29, 2009 can't get here fast enough! Ah well, until then we'll just have to go back to enjoying Scotland in the dark....and remembering how wonderful the summer light really was.

P.S. The sun set at 4:37pm today.


Mama Em said...

I hear ya...very sad indeed. I am drinking gallons of hot tea.

melissa said...

I'm sad to say goodbye to it, too--and I wasn't even really here to enjoy the Scottish summer :). I can't believe it was even snowing a little today!!

Ronnica said...

If we were only bright enough to call it "American Summer Time" in the states, we might actually remember when we're on Daylight and when we're not. I wish it was always "Summer Time."