03 October 2008

Where Have You Gone?

We are still here and are still alive.  I am glad at least one of you noticed we'd been away from the blogosphere (you know who you are!) :) I've been on a blogging sabbatical -- probably not a year long leave like profs get, but an extended leave of absence. I've been off work this week due to some extra hours I had built up from working longer days, etc. It's been a refreshing week of organizing the flat, being still, listening to my Lord, attempting to make new goodies for myself (always an adventure), and trying to just not be so busy. I've needed it. More than I realized. Still not sure I am quite up to posting all the various thoughts running through my mind and heart. Maybe some day.

1 comment:

3 for Me! said...

Well I noticed but didn't know why... although you've been sending some new rcipes for us, so I wasn't surprised that you've been in the kitchen yourself:)

I've been confront recently with how busy I've been making life... and so I've tried to slow it down some... he haha... not sure how that is possible with housework, three tikes and my little hobbies:)

But today seems to be the busyiest day this week!!