25 October 2008

Make It Stop!

The winter winds have arrived. (Not sure if that's really what they are called, but it does seem like the winds are particularly bad here in the winter months). Interestingly enough, a couple days of those winds it's actually been mild...upper 50's. Unfortunately these winds bring with them more than the usual sounds of high winds whipping around outside and trees blowing.

In our flat, because we are on the top floor, it also brings a unique sound. A sound I don't care for, especially when trying to sleep at night! It's the noise of the slate shingles (almost all rooftops here have thick slate shingles-guess they hold up better in the continual damp weather) being lifted up as the wind gets under them, and then a loud bang, thump, bang as it slams down again. This noise is repeated in almost a wave-like pattern as it starts on one side of the roof and goes to the other. And it's repeated over and over night and day during the 20-30 mile per hour winds and higher gusts that we've been having. It's one thing to have them during the day, but this light sleeper doesn't do so well to hear this noise all night long. Have a listen. Turn your volume on normal.

This was taken a couple days ago. I was standing at our bedroom window (with the window closed) only a few feet from our bed. It is just as loud in bed, though! We already sleep with a fan, and I continue my habit started long ago of sleeping with a pillow over my head, but it is still loud. It's going to be a long winter if I don't find some way to get some sleep! I am going to try earplugs, but have never been able to sleep with them before. Let's hope I might find a way to learn to. If not, you might find me on the roof with a large bottle of superglue :)

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Updates on Emelia said...

Hey girl! Hope all is well with you. I miss talking to you. Let me know when you're back in the state & maybe we can try to work something out. Blessings! Stac