17 October 2008

Quality Customer Service

Can I just say that Geico just thrilled my soul? Maybe that's a little over the top, but I just about could have jumped through the Skype microphone to hug the sweet lady who took my call....before the phone even rang on my end (after pushing the obligatory correct department, of course) she answered. When I was debating about paying on-line versus bothering her with punching in the numbers, she cheerfully said with a sweet, not-over-the-top southern accent, "We're here to help. Anything we can do." Really, companies like that still exist?! She even said she'd walk me through paying on-line if I preferred. It took all of 4 minutes on the phone. That, people, is amazing customer service. And that is one thing I miss!!!

Though, to be fair, I was helped rather promptly and thoroughly by someone today from our electric provider. And when I called 2 weeks ago I also had someone very kind and thorough. Neither were annoyed with my questions about how in the world our storage heater worked (that's a long story I won't bore you with!), and both offered to go ask someone else...and then came back to me. So much better than the typical "I'll transfer you" we hear so often.

So here's to two excellent companies! I hope others (ahem...BT, for one - remember, this time last year we were still waiting for a phone?) take notice and work on such cheerful customer service!

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Mama Sweetie said...

There's nothing like it. I will never forget the queen of all customer service experiences I received from a UK company that I had ordered candles from online. The candles did not perform according to specifications and after being advised of the company's return policy in a voice message, the company owner added that "I never purchase candles from them again." I was dumbfounded and still am. Geico rocks, by the way!