26 October 2007

Interview and Doctor's Appointment....and Our Phone

Hi friends! I just got out of my interview with Student Recruitment and Admissions about 15 minutes ago. I think it went well and that I recovered after having to run and speed walk just to make it on time (thanks to a bus running so far behind I decided I better go by foot lest I not make it in time). There were 3 ladies that interviewed me and my heart was at ease as I answered their questions. They told me they hoped to have a decision by later today. That would be nice, but I have heard that before so I am not going to get my hopes up!

My doctor's appointment wasn't nearly as good :( Let's just say the doctor and I didn't necessarily see eye to eye about everything. We agreed I probably need to at the very least see a nutritionist and possibly an immunologist and gastroenteroligist. She was going to speak with each of those doctor's and get back to me about the best course for me to follow from here. I haven't heard from her yet. Maybe next week :)

So we had been told last Friday an engineer was supposed to hook our line up today. Then on Tuesday we were told NO, no one was coming. Surprisingly enough a lady called last night in response to our on-line complaint. She said that our request for a line was rejected....WHAT?! We can't figure these people out. She put in a new request but won't know until today if it will go through. She told us it would get hooked up Monday if the request was accepted. I'll believe that when I see it! That's the 4th date we've been given in a month. It's been so long and so ridiculous that last night I just had to laugh. There really is nothing left to do but laugh at how outrageous this whole ordeal has been!!


Ronnica said...

Sorry to hear about your doctor's appointment. At least you know what to expect and know when you are being taken care of or not. I'm enjoying your phone saga (all the red tape is comical, sorry)...what a blessing it will be when it is actually installed!

Allison said...

oh wow that even makes me so frustrated about your phone line!! You've got to be kidding me. What in the world!?!?! craziness! Praying for that for sure. And Rach, sorry bout the disappointment with the doc. Maybe all of those different docs collaborating together they can come up with something!! Will be praying bout the job too!!