18 October 2007

More Pictures from our Trip

The town of Stonehaven as you drive down to the coast to it

Mark walking on the cliffs next to the ocean on our way to Stonehaven

Path that goes along the cliffs

Where we are headed for the stay, Dunnotar Castle on the left in the background and the war memorial on the top right.
Dunnotar as you walk down to it from the "car park"

If you remember from the pic on the other post, the ruins are actually set on a large rock slightly away from the rest. You have to go down a lot of stairs (and come back up when you are done!) to get to the bottom of the entrance to the ruins. The scenery is so breath-taking, though, you hardly realize you are going up or down!

We went through a small tunnel and on the other side you could look up the cliff and see part of the ruins. The other side was a big bay with a huge cliff and a beach, but the sun was glaring so bad I couldn't get a picture of it. Maybe next time!

Door to one of the old rooms of the fort that you could walk into. I thought the grass hanging down was fun!

Here is the cove/beach area that part of the ruins looked onto. I couldn't keep my eyes off of this! It seemed the closer we got or each new view of it seemed better than before.

A good view of one part of the ruins of this fortress.

As you will see in the pics to follow there were all sorts of windows and doors to take pictures of and I enjoyed having fun with the camera to see what good shots I could come up with.

I took this picture in the room where 150 or so men, women and children were placed without proper sanitation and no beds and essentially starving to death for not renouncing Christianity and aligning with the the ruling government instead.

This was taken in the same room. I wonder if those left dying were encouraged by this view outside as well.

Here's another view of the cove/bay area looking through a doorway.

More ruins. The door on the right is a small tunnel that leads you to the entrance of the main part of the ruins.

Lots of fun windows and doors and trying out black and white photography!

I like the sillouette of the ruins and the clouds in the sky :)

View out the window of a tower with a small, winding staircase you can climb. It was great minus all the pigeon poop and feathers lying around!

View of the fortress ruins from the mainland. It's a long way down!

Just a closer view of the cliffs and rocks.

At lunch we went into Stonehaven and at on the wall that lines the beach and sidewalk.

We had fun trying to photograph the segulls as they dove into the waves looking for their lunch!

After lunch we returned to Dunnotar Castle because I realized my purse was missing. We figured out where it was left and while Mark kindly went all the way back down the path and steep steps and then back up without me because we figured he could go quicker without me! So I sat in the car and while sitting there I saw this potential good pic and snapped a few shots. Glad I did because I really like it! So out of the trip back we got a good pic, but no purse :( Thankfully my ID/wallet were not in there, however, I did lose one Epi-Pen for my emergency allergy use (good thing I have another!) and also the keys to our flat (which we were able to duplicate from Mark's keys). I was using the purse to hold my camera, so I'm glad the camera wasn't in there at the time.

Church steeple in Stonehaven's town square.

Fly fishing place we found in Banchory.

Bigger view of the river where the salmon try to jump upstream.

Just practicing photography again....with fall leaves :)

Not sure if you can see this or not, but we watched this bird from the bridge eat the small fish in his mouth.

Path down to the River Dee near Crathes Castle.

The River Dee

Me still having fun with the camera.

Clock on tower at Crathes Castle

I thought it was great that there four gentlemen actually playing crouquet!

One of the doors at Crathes Castle that looked so like something you'd find on adventures with Frodo and Pippen! :)

More black and white fun


JAH said...

Wow! When can I come to visit?!? The scenery is gorgeous!

Sorry to hear about all the waiting ya'll are dealing with. We will pray things come thru for you!



Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. I might just have to take a mission trip to see you guys. I am praying for you Rachel and your allergies.

Allison said...

Wow what beautiful pictures!!! They look like they could be Casey Chappell photography. I'd bet she'd go crazy with her camera there! She'd be pretty impressed.