19 October 2007

Job & Phone Update

The good news is, I have a job interview next Friday for the job I've been wanting to hear from!! Very excited about that opportunity! The job I interviewed for last Friday has now told me it will be another 10 or so days before they make a decision.

The bad news is, after 2 more phone calls regarding our phone (and another broken promise that yesterday we'd get the line) we are now being told we have to have an engineer come out and do something to the tune of US$240!!! I am not a happy camper regarding this right now. If I didn't want to be able to talk to family on Skype I'd say forget the whole thing. I think the visit alone is more than we paid all last year for our landline phone service! To say the least, we could continue to use your prayers for perseverence in this matter. The engineer should come next Friday as well.

The good news is, it looks like I'll have all of Friday off from my temp job to have the interview (and now wait for the engineer!)

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