04 October 2007

Updates on Phone and Job

Well, we are sad to report that we were told last night that it will be another two weeks before we get a landline. We are in this weird "land of nothingness." Our line is apparently active, but not working. While it's active (maybe in the previous tenants name?) they can't hook our line up. We'll see what happens. Please pray with us that the "URGENT" status it was given will be noticed and handled as such. It always seems that whoever we talk to just says a different thing and it's never their job to fix it.

On a happier note, I went to the temp agency today to get paperwork filled out to start my temp receptionist job tomorrow. The lady who helped me spent time in Dayton at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and enjoyed hearing the Ohio/Mid-western "accent" again (with maybe a little NC thrown in?). I will work full-time for 2-3 weeks and then go part-time if I like the place and they like me. They've also agreed to let me take time off to interview with other companies during the full-time weeks. I am still wanting a position at the University in Student Recruitment and Admissions. I hope to hear from them next week. In the meantime, it's nice to know I'll be earning some money :)

Mark's first assignment is due tomorrow (which also happens to be his birthday!). He's been working hard to make a good first impression. We are looking forward to renting a car tomorrow through Monday so we can take a couple day trips out of the city to see some castles and nature. Sure you'll hear all about that at some point.


Jonathan & Noella said...

Welcome to Europe! There will be many more frustrations with beauracracy, businesses and always passing the buck to somone else to handle. The best way to cope is with much humor and much patience. The whole customer satisfaction idea is non-existent here. Ah well, thus is life! Praying you get your internet soon though. Praise the Lord you have a job! (From one who lives in Italy but feels like living in a third world country-no joke!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found this page. I am so excited for you guys. I am praying for you. I look foward to reading about your adventures.
Erin Watlington-Perry

Mark and Rachel said...

Hey Jonathan and Noella! Yes, we had heard that customer service meant very little before we arrived, now we know it firsthand. We will have to come see you if we make it to your part of the world! Hopefully we will during our time here.

Mark and Rachel said...

So glad you found us :) Hope you can keep visiting our little part of the web from time to time.