17 October 2007

Wait, wait, wait

Waiting. That's the theme of our lives right now.

I'm waiting to hear back about the interview I had on Friday. I was told then I'd hear something by early this week. Still waiting...

I'm still waiting to find out whether or not I'm on the short-list to interview at the other university job I'm interested in. Praying that I might at least get another interview.

(A side note about jobs, I did get invited for an interview at another job on the 31st and have turned in two more job apps today. I will stay here at my temp job through the end of next week full-time and maybe part-time beyond that, but only on a temp basis. I've decided that I'd rather not stay at this position permenantly. Several factors involved, not the least of which is being asked to lie for various people to people who call in for them.)

Mark is waiting ever so patiently to get an office on campus. The school is in the midst of moving a bunch of offices around and I think new PhD students won't get their new home-away-from-home until everyone else is settled. Until then, the library is his second home and he waits...

Unfortunately, my name somehow managed to not make it on our lease agreement for our flat. This is one way to prove where you live. I need this before I can be put on our banking account (and a few other less important things). I am trying to get the leasing agency to amend our lease to ad me on, but they've had our lease for nearly 2 weeks and we don't have a new lease yet...

We also still wait for a phone line. Another 10 business days has passed us by so if there is no working phone tonight when we get home (and we aren't holding our breath for this!) then we'll wait for another hour on hold and then wait for another few weeks and then maybe then we will be hooked up!

Waiting is good and has its purpose in our lives, but doesn't it seem to take so long when you are in the midst of it?!! Thanks for waiting with us :)


morganb said...


As I was reviewing the great pictures, I couldn't help to wonder when you are going to try your hand at golf:).

Glad to hear that you and your wife are doing well and that the job interview are in the works.

I pray that God will protect you both on your journey.

God's speed.

Bob Morgan

Mark and Rachel said...

Great to hear from you and thanks for visiting our blog. Since the scenery is so beautiful here, I thought it best to not ruin it by taking up golf:-)
Anyway, hope you're doing well. Feel free to get my email address from Dennis:-) Blessings.