01 October 2007

Lunch at the Farm

We had a most wonderful experience yesterday! After going back to the church we've been going to so far (they keep inviting during the week to have lunch after church so we can't go anywhere else...we think that is their goal to keep people from going to other churches! It's working well!) we went home with a couple to have lunch in their home. They live outside of the city on a farm so the landscape was amazing! On top of it all, the weather was warm and sunny. It was a blessing to be in this couple's home with 6 others and to meet even more believers. I was amazed at the mix of people around the table: We had some girls who were sophomores in college, Mark and I, another couple in their 40's, one couple in their 50's and a single gentleman in his early 60's. I also noticed the ethnic diversity among us: obviously Mark and I from the US/Cayman Islands, 2 girls from Northern Ireland, 4 people from England, 1 lady from Malaysia, and the older gentleman actually from Scotland! What a joy to spend the day (when they invite you for lunch, you also usually stay for tea and then go back to evening service together) getting to know these new friends and have a taste of heaven.

Behind this couple's house was a field of deer being raised for their meat. Here is the 13 point buck (in the middle) with his "harem" as they kept calling it! He was very loud and sounded like a cow. He angrily kept the other 4 bucks away from the ladies :)

They also had a field of a few sheep. Here's a mamma and her lambs. Don't you feel like you are seeing something out of "Babe"? (Sorry for the fence view in the last two pics!)

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