01 November 2008

Heard Around the Office - Part 2

Ever since posting "Heard Around the Office" I've been collecting more fun sayings I hear at work, since I knew I missed a bunch the first time around.

We'll get it sorted = We'll get it taken care of (I know I've mentioned "sorted" on here many times, but it is a favorite of mine. One I love to use and will no doubt use the rest of my life!)

Guillotine = Paper cutter. You know the big slicer that's liable to chop fingers off (and maybe heads!)? Thankfully I've already laughed at Mark for years for using this one so I haven't laughed in my co-workers face when they ask for it.

Brill = Short for Brilliant, as in fantastic or great.

On you go = go ahead, you first.

Is that you done?/Is that you finished? = Asked of me at times when I'm leaving for the day after my shift is over.

That's me done/finished/sorted = I'm done/finished

Get messages = to run errands. From the olden days when people must have gotten actual messages when they went to town (?)

Daftie = an idiot or crazy person

Wifie/Old wifie = an woman (usually older?)

Mannie = a man (usually older?)

I'm not bothered = I'm not hungry. I hear this when ladies are discussing who will be going to lunch at what time. If someone doesn't mind waiting until the later time they say "I'm not bothered."

Do your bit = Do your part. Part of the University's ad campaign for recycling/reusing.

7:30 for 8 = Maybe they do this in US, but I'd just never heard it. They put this on invitations sometimes meaning you can start arriving around 7:30pm and things will begin at 8pm.

Ooohachno/achno (pronounced oo-ah-ck-no) = a slurring together of sounds/words to say no to something/someone. Quite endearing, really. Wish you could hear it since it is hard to put into words.

Talk(s) = Presentation(s).

Cheeky = Sassy, full of lip

Chuffed = Proud

Good on ya = Good job, well done

Zed = the letter "Z"

Hay-ch (pronounce the hhhh sound, long a) = the letter "H"

I couldn't work out = I couldn't understand.

Through the house = other side of the building, or adjacent room.

Argey bargey (pronounced ar-gee, bar-gee) = to agrue, argumentative.

And if you want to read lots more British words that differ from American ones, see this website. (I will warn you, though, it is completely unedited so there may be some offensive things, but for those of us living here, it is a good resource!)


3 for Me! said...

I'm pretty sure that "Zed" is Z in French.... at least thta's what I was taught in French class... and I still remember:)

I really like the "brill" it just sounds fun to say:)

melissa said...

Wow--that's the fun of having a job here--getting to learn stuff like that. That is really interesting! :) and funny.