16 November 2008

Sunset at Slain's

After a fun couple hours with some friends during a 2 year old's birthday party, Mark and I headed north about 40 minutes to take a trip to Slain's Castle. You may remember we went there last year, but didn't actually walk out to it because it was too cold/muddy. This time around it was definitely warmer (though still cold with a strong, cutting wind) and full of sunshine, though our boots and pant legs will tell you it was still very muddy!

I asked Mark if we could take the scenic route on the way there (i.e. the longer, more treacherous route). He agreed and we set off for some great views of the cliffs.
Don't look down! There are no railings anywhere and tons of places where you could easily plunge over the edge if you weren't careful.
Thankfully, the path wasn't extremely close to these dangerous areas.
Where we came from -- looking back as we neared the castle. As you can tell, you can't see much of a path. It was very small, mostly a trench (where other hikers had walked) filled with water/mud giving us no choice but to straddle the deep gulf and walk on the uneven, thick grass. That was a little rough on the ankles!

The backside of the castle ruins (at least, it seemed to be more the back)
Light shining through the doorway.
Front of the castle, or maybe the side?
On the way back we opted for the more level, safer, quicker route....though it was full of huge puddles making it look like a stream in some places, as seen below.
The sunset was brilliant as we walked away. It was the perfect ending to a fun hour and a half excursion.
Slain's at Sunset...photo taken about 3:35pm. How sad!

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Adrienne said...

Amazingly beautiful pictures! We need to vacation there!