22 November 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

The snow we've gotten yesterday and today have made it seem like Christmas is near! I was surprised to find 3-4 inches of snow on my car this afternoon when I cleaned it off. Too bad our street is one huge sheet of ice! Thankfully, the busy streets were well cleaned, but the granite sidewalks I walked on (where the sun hadn't melted the snow) were also quite icy.
I'm also happy to report that in one small way it is also beginning to look like Christmas in our flat! I was able to cross "put up Christmas tree" off my to-do list! I have never put up a tree before Thanksgiving and usually have pretty strict (internal) rules about such matters. But given that Thanksgiving is late this year and we leave for London/America only 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, I figured an extra week to enjoy it was a good thing! (Not to mention one less thing to do during those busy two weeks.)
I knew we had a Christmas tree stashed on the top shelf of our hall closet (that is apparently part of the flat's furnishings!), but I was delighted to also find a wide array of "baubles" (as they are called here) and garland. Coupled with a few items we already owned we have some basic decorations. Being unsure what to top the poor tree with, I happily discovered this wee angel that I think we must have been given for Christmas last year as a gift from my Grandma (and I had forgotten about). So while it doesn't exactly make the best tree-topper, it'll do for 3 weeks.I was delighted to find several of these cute snowmen in the bauble spread. (And if you look closely you can see me dressed in my layers taking the photo!)Perhaps the most fascinating part of the Christmas decorations is the base of the tree. I have known since we moved in there was a tree, but never checked to see about a base. So I lugged all the Christmas stuff out (well, that was one tree, two bags, and one shoebox...not so much, really!) and said "huh, where's the base?" Yeah, no base to be found. It was upon closer inspection I discovered our tree must be the top part of a larger artificial tree, meaning, no base. I was determined to get this item off my to-do list and was not to be deterred by no base. Quick ingenuity including two shoe boxes, a pair of scissors and a carton of apple juice (for weight), along with two silver garlands for a "skirt" and my tree was upright and decent looking! Couldn't have been more pleased with the quick and cheap outcome!
And lastly, a shot of King's quad sporting the snow


Adrienne said...

It's so beautiful! You are so creative in constructing the base. I've been tempted to put mine up too, but am making myself wait until this weekend. How long will you be in the states?

Anonymous said...

I love the fact the decorations come with the flat. That is too funny! It looks great. Have a great Thanksgiving.