14 November 2008

I've Been Here Too Long

I am like the Scots...I like to discuss the weather. I learned this from my Dad. His favorite channel is The Weather Channel....no joke. So humour me as I relate the following.

Today was a warm day. There is no way this time last year that I would have called 55 or 57 F warm, but today I could, with my whole heart and body say, and believe, that it was a warm day. When we first arrived and we'd hear people talking about warm days like this I'd stare at them and politely disagree. They told me I'd learn to appreciate them and probably adapt. I'm scared to admit they are right. I have adapted. My body is getting a new temperature gauge, at least on the high end. Living in NC messed up the low/cold side of my internal thermometer. There (and honestly here too) "cold" is 20's and 30's. After growing up in Ohio I have forgotten (thankfully) what true cold is like....the cold that is below zero Fahrenheit, not hovering around zero degrees Celsius.

My body has learned to differentiate all 30 or 40 degrees in variation from low to high that it ever gets here. How truly amazing our bodies (maybe our minds?) do this! I was so grateful for the warmer feel of today, and grateful I felt that it felt warmer!

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Mama Em said...

I thought the same thing...I guess I am a quick learner! ;)