04 September 2008

You Know You've Adapted to Aberdeen If.....

What a year it has been! A year ago today we left Charlotte to venture into the unknown. It's been a busy week mentally for me as I have thought often about various thoughts and feelings associated with moving here. I look back and see God's hand of faithfulness guiding us so clearly, providing all we've needed, offering His grace when we've made mistakes and overall just blessing us as His children. How can we say thanks enough to those of you who have faithfully prayed for us this past year as we've adjusted to a new home and city?

In light of our being here for one year we thought we'd leave you with some fun, though it may be more fun for those friends who actually live/have lived here.

You know you've adapted to Aberdeen if....

1. Part of your daily/nightly ritual is hanging clothes out to dry in your living room.
2. You tell people how far something is based on how long it takes to walk there.
3. Your idea of something being close is if it is 15 (maybe 20) minutes or less to walk there.
4. You brag to your friends if you washed and dried 2 or more loads in one day (usually only if there's a sunny day and you've hung it out on the line).
5. You open your windows just about every day, even when it's cold out.
6. You write the date in the day/month/year format even in your journal now.
7. You have said to another UK person "yeah, it's warm here today" and it's only in the 60's (and you actually meant it)!
8. You take your own recyclable bags shopping.
9. You have answered "Aye" to a question you wished to answer in the affirmative.
10. You can understand most/all of what is said to you by the Scots.
11. You can say to a co-worker asking about another co-workers' whereabouts (with a straight face) "out for a fag/having a fag." (If you are confused about this, see this post.)
12. Scottish oats in some fashion comprise part of your daily intake of dietary fiber.
13. You perfer a walking commute to work over driving and hope you can even do this when you return to the States (okay, for fairness' sake...not always the case, but I do love the refreshing 15-20 minute walk to work in the mornings! So much less stressful than driving 15-20 minutes!)
14. You've given up hoping your towel will be soft and fluffy when it comes off the drying rack.
15. You are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live in this city for this season of life!

And, how to know you've still got some adapting to do....

You don't hate the seagulls as passionately as the locals. In fact, you still think they have some charm.

You still slip up and say "pants" when you really mean "trousers" and unfortunately people laugh wondering why you are talking about your underwear :(

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Mama Em said...

That was helpful as someone moving over there...my husband says we have a dryer...I am now wondering...?