21 September 2008

The Week of Celebrations

The best thing about turning 30 was the week long celebration! Maybe 30 isn't so bad after all :)

Monday: Mark gave me an early gift by passing his driving exam.

Tuesday: Made Snickerdoodles to take to work (since they've been asking for them since the last time I brought them in, so why not spread the birthday cheer). I also made myself a whole pan of allergy free brownies to nibble on all week (a very great idea indeed!)

Wednesday: Mark's presents and sweet card at home in the morning. More cards, gifts and flowers at work, with only a few decorations. Thankfully not too embarrassing or over the top. I didn't have to wear the "Today I'm 30" badge/button that another girl who turned 30 earlier in the year threatened for months to make me wear when the big day arrived. (When I thanked her Thursday she was disgusted with herself she forgot to get it out!) Fun driving around with Mark for the afternoon seeing the great scenery of Scotland and not having to cook my birthday dinner. Also talking with family on Skype and receiving tons of greetings on Facebook and elsewhere.

Thursday: Receiving unexpectedly a small tray of cut fruit with a plastic wrapper on top, which my co-workers punched holes in to hold up the "3" and "0" candles. (I'm seeing a forgetfulness theme here.) I was impressed at how they improvised since they knew I couldn't eat cake! I did enjoy the fruit :)

Friday: Celebrating with old (as in familiar) friends, and also several new wives who have just arrived this month, by going out for coffee. It was another friend's birthday yesterday so it was a joint celebration. I think everyone in the small coffee shop was wondering why the crazy Americans were taking the place over...then we loudly sang Happy Birthday and left no more questions! Always a blessing to chat with other women. Thanks, ladies, for the love :)

Saturday: Mark orchestrated a surprise party that was mostly a surprise :) I say mostly because while I had some idea it was maybe coming from piecing together various things from the previous two weeks, I wasn't definite. God again blessed us with gorgeous weather so that we were able to actually soak in the sun during the BBQ (cookout). So nice! I was thoroughly impressed by Mark's thoughtfulness in details big and small. Again I felt the love from friends, but even more so by my sweet husband. I am blessed greatly.

What a splendid week. Guess it is back to reality.

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