19 September 2008

The Stillness

Today Mark and I had lunch together outside on campus to enjoy the nice fall day. What a treat!  While we were sitting on the bench I noticed how still and quiet campus was.  Part of it is because most new students don't arrive until this weekend or Monday.  But then as we were walking to the library I knew without a doubt what made it really still....there was barely any wind! Just a gentle breeze.  VERY unusual for Aberdeen....so unusual I noticed it as being quiet.  On my walk home I enjoyed the still, quiet day...savoring it knowing it won't last long!  It's weird that wind brings so much noise.  I guess it's just something else we've somewhat gotten used to. (I say somewhat, because there are days when I definitely still notice the crazy wind, it's howling, and the noise it makes on our roof!)

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