15 September 2008

That Chapter Closed

Whew! What a long haul. Mark and I are both relieved that the "obtaining-a-UK-license" chapter of our lives is OVER! Forever. I'm pleased to say Mark overcame the driving-Nazi examiner this afternoon and walked out qualified to drive in the UK for the next 35+ years! I am so proud!

I am not sure who had more torture during the 40 minute long test - me waiting at the test center and praying like crazy for him, or him actually taking the test. As soon as I saw his examiner walk out to start the exam I knew he needed every prayer we'd prayed and a few extras! She was all you wouldn't want an examiner to be, especially a bit gruff and grumpy looking.

Thanks again and again for lifting us up through this chapter of our lives. We are still trying to grasp the reality that it really has closed!

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Kate E. said...

Yay! Its over! I bet much celebrating is ensuing at the Owen's household tonight. Congratulations to both of you! When the "I passed my UK driver's license exam" party going to be?