17 September 2008

Another Chapter Begins

It's official. I'm not old enough to be 30, yet that's what they tell me I am. The day I've dreaded for at least 365 days has come. I'm trying to embrace the fact that I'm now in my 30's rather than my 20's. At least it's been a first good day in them! I got the present I wanted most today: SUNSHINE! God is so good in His gifts isn't He? Mark and I were able to get out to the countryside for the afternoon/evening, which is something I'd really hoping we'd be able to do. Thanks to all of you for the many birthday wishes! Thought you'd enjoy seeing a couple of pics of me when I was wee, plus one Mark took today that I really liked.
I think I was 6 months in the one above, not sure about the one below.


3 for Me!! said...

Is it true????

Hahahaa... I just have ONE more year to be in my 20's, so my time is coming....

Praise God for every year!! For the growth in wisdom we have each year as we try to live for Him and try to better understand our world. And for all the blessings He gives us through each year:)

Happy Glorious 30th Birthday to you!!

Kate E. said...

You were so cute! Not that you aren't cute now or anything, you were just a pretty cute kid. :) You had a spectacular day for your birthday indeed and I'm glad that you had a good time out in the Scottish countryside.