01 September 2008

Newest Member of the Family and Prayer Request

Sorry to those of you who thought maybe we were expecting...maybe next time :)

So here in the UK your car has to undergo a yearly test called an MOT. It's similar to emissions testing, but is way more extensive. Basically, if your car needs any work done, this test will find it. Call it a mandatory yearly car maintenance check-up. It's a good idea since it involves making the roads safer, forcing car owners to take care of their cars and removing those cars from the roads that need help. Enter our dear old Green Nelly. She was a '93 or '94 Ford Escort whose value didn't not come anywhere near the work she needed when we were told she needed a new suspension system among other things. So sadly we had to decide to get rid of her and purchase another one. A '99 Kia Shuma. We have no idea what a Shuma is as we've never heard of it before.

She's a decent car so far. We haven't named her. Mark thought of Silver Bullet (though she's not quite silver). I said it would have to be "Silver Bullet Rides Again" because I had a Silver Bullet in college. So far I'm uninspired other than that.

So the prayer request is this:I take the practical part of the driving exam on Friday morning (9:37am to be exact. That's 4:37am for all you East coast early risers). Finally, the last stage in getting my UK license. It's about a 40 minute (YIKES!) exam. I was just getting to the stage where I felt confident enough to pass the test, then we got this new car. I have been more than a little flustered at the new clutch, gas peddle, gear shift, different view out the back window for reversing maneuvers, and the windshield wiper and indicators being in opposite sides of the wheel as they were in Green Nelly (and perhaps all the cars I've ever owned). I can just see me during my test turning the wipers on as I am entering a roundabout instead of indicating the direction I'm going. The examiner would love that :)

After a rough driving session yesterday, tearful conversation with Mark about my struggles/fears, and another conversation with our instructor I just about changed my appointment for another month out. But then I had some time with the Lord and was reminded of many things, such as "cast all your cares/anxiety on Him, for He cares for you." He has brought me thus far, He will help me forward. I desire to pass this test Friday if at all possible so I can quite having it hanging over me. It's been a long journey!

Will you pray with me that....
--I can continue to be faithful to prepare as fully as I need to in the remaining days I have.
--It won't rain Friday morning when I take the test (that will help with the wiper situation!)
--I will be granted favor with the examiner
--I will have a calm heart that is resting in the Lord this week and on Friday morning
-- I will fully demonstrate my skills and pass my test

You can also pray these things for Mark. He takes his exam on Friday the 12th.

Thanks in advance!

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