11 March 2008

In Need of Green - Part 2

Now that we have a faster connection I can ramble some more about our adventures on Saturday! I have decided to show the photos in a new way to see how it works out. I think you can get a bigger size if you click on the photos.

After leaving the stone circle we headed for the grocery store for Mark to get something for lunch (I had brought a salad since it's hard for me to grab food other places). Along the main roadways here they have lots of pull-off spots. Must be for all the tourists who bring lunches and just in general so they have somewhere to pull over and take photos. We had a beautiful view while we ate in the car (see top middle photo).

Once we headed for Huntley again we found a fishery so we stopped by to see it. Mark's still hunting for a good place to get some fishing in. This one was promising and beautiful! One of the small lakes is Lake Insch where I was delighted to find a swan to photograph while Mark talked fishing with the men. The swan was busy doing his own fishing (just see photo where his tush is in the air!) and I enjoyed watching him. We found a random old British-style phone booth in the middle of the two lochs. Not sure what that was all about.

Back in the car towards Huntley. This time we found huge windmills that were perfectly placed to catch the ever blowing Scottish wind. We couldn't take our eyes off of them. Maybe because they are so huge and out of place? Still, they were rather graceful to watch. You can see how big they are compared to the trees. I also found what I think is a speed camera. It also looked like it was powered by wind. Good, economical way to catch speeders.

Finally we arrived at Huntley! It was a quite little town that we drove through until we finally came to Huntley Castle. It was all very beautiful and sort of hard to describe. This, like most castles here, were still closed since it isn't quite tourism season yet. I enjoyed seeing more crocuses en masse. The most unique thing about Huntley was the hand dryer in the public toilets. I first saw it and was like "what is that?" Then I figured out you press the green button and put your hands into the blue chamber where the air comes out. Kinda scary and didn't much care for it! (I know, what a freak, taking photos in a bathroom. I'm hard core. I made sure no one was coming in!)

Not sure what else to do in Huntley we got back in the car to head home. Mark suggested taking a different route home. Why not?! Out came the map and we started on our way. We were headed into some clouds and the rain started back up, but not for long. A rainbow came out and made for another great shot (and Mark was so kind to pull over so I could take it!).

We drove on and eventually arrived at stately Fraser Castle (also closed). We think we'd like to go back and tour the inside of this one. I found the small shed (?) on the estate very adorable and the lime green moss intriguing. Along the way I also encountered new flowers I don't know the names of. I'm going to have to research that.

There will be no adventures this weekend since I have to work on Saturday, but we are so excited to have my brother visit from Israel next Monday through the following Tuesday! We are all going to journey to Loch Ness and the western coast for a few days. Can't wait for the mini "holiday!"


Nicole Wilson said...

wow! look at those photos!
i MUST come visit you!!!!

Mark and Rachel said...

Please do! We have a spare bedroom now :)