19 March 2008

Back for More

My brother, Todd, made it safely to Aberdeen late Monday night. We've definitely been enjoying this time together. This afternoon we ventured to Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle. Someone just can't visit you in Aberdeen and you not take them there!

I was chatting away (can you imagine?) on the drive down, missed a sign and somehow ended up headed North to Aberdeen again. Thankfully we realized this mistake almost instantly and found an old country road to turn around on. The country road also happened to give us a great view of the city so I just pretended I just wanted to show him the great view! It was fantastic because the sun decided to come out shortly after we arrived at Dunnottar, and there were so few people there this time. I'd love to share the video I took, but maybe another day. For now, I'm off to pack! We are headed to Loch Ness tomorrow through Saturday! Mark and I can't wait to explore some more. It will be our first night out of Aberdeen since arriving here.

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