26 March 2008

I am Blessed

There are a multitude of ways that I/we are blessed each day, but since my brother left yesterday I have been thinking about how blessed I am to have such a great brother! It's been so quiet here without him and I've been missing him since he left. As Todd pointed out, aside from a week of family vacationing this summer and a few additional days at my parents (during which time we were both frantically preparing for our lives overseas so it wasn't the greatest time in our relationship...) we haven't spent 8 days together just hanging out in who knows how long! Definitely not since I got married. It was a blast to tour the country together and be silly together like when we were growing up. My brother and I have never had a hard time being weird/silly together. Poor Mark :)

I know not everyone gets along with their siblings, but I praise God my brother and I have a good relationship based on both of us knowing the Lord as our Savior. What a joy and blessing to have you as my brother, Todd, I love you!

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