13 March 2008

BBC to Me!

A friend recently discovered that you can watch BBC channels on-line via streaming feeds using iPlayer. This is important because then technically you aren't breaking the TV License laws. We've chosen not to have a TV during this time because you have to pay £135.50 per year (about $270 US) for a color TV, and for just a few channels we think that's pretty steep on our limited budget! But thankfully it's still legal to watch a program as long as it isn't being played on live TV at the same time. How nice of BBC to make their shows available to us.

While I really haven't missed having a TV these 6 months, every now and then I do miss watching the weather (after all I am my Daddy's girl) or seeing the news. Now I can...just a few hours after it's played. Maybe you'd like to watch some British shows too. Just go here.

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