15 March 2008

A Day in the Old Town House

I don't usually have to work Saturdays but my department at work is repsonsible for staffing The Old Town House Monday through Saturday. I am on a "rota" to help cover Saturdays when the usual staff member is off for the day. Despite the number of pictures I took I really did get a lot of work done :) I finally have caught up on some of my work. The past 3 weeks I have been organizing campus visits for prospective students. Apart from having to chase down professors to see if they can meet with students at the times I have requested, and occasionally dealing with an upset parents, I've really enjoyed this work. I have taken over the job on a temporary basis for someone who is on medical leave and should be back at the end of the month. I have decided, though, that she conviently broke (and had to have surgery on) her finger during the busiest times of the year for campus visits (because of Easter/spring "holidays") leaving me with a mess of visits to organize! Even still, I think I will miss it.

So here are some photos of this building built in 1721. (Correction! This plaque was taken from the old, old town house and reused in the current old town house, which was built in 1788--still pretty old! Should have done my research prior to writing the post!)

This is the emblem above the front door. I believe that the fish on the vase is the coat of arms/symbol for Old Aberdeen....might have that wrong, though. It's also in the coat of arms for the University, which I have accidentally cut off in the photo below.

Gotta love the refurbishment/upkeep is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

A very costly model of the new gazillion (or so) dollar library being built on campus in the next several years.

The sky really was that pretty blue this morning :)
The old jail cell that housed the last person hung in Scotland, which was, I think, in the last 50 years. See the little window in the middle of the door? Guess that was to talk to the prisoner.

The bolt on the door is massive!

Also found this key today. It was also rather massive!

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