23 March 2008


What a joy to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus today! It is so easy to take for granted the fact that we serve a Lord who has died for our sins and now LIVES again. We long to live for Him each day. Reflecting on His death and resurrection reminds us what a privilege it is to serve a living God!

But today has not been a very traditional Easter other than reflecting on these core truths of our faith (which, ultimately, are really the most important parts of Easter). We woke up to sun and snow covered rooftops, grass and cars. It melted shortly thereafter, only to come down again in huge flakes. Once again, it was back and forth throughout the day.
Todd got to experience a lovely Scottish Sunday lunch at Ian and Isobel's house with us. It was not a typical ham dinner (well, that's what we grew up with for Easter lunch anyways), but seemed much like the other meals we'd been served on other Sundays. Not bad, just different!
As we left their house, the snow was coming down thick and beautifully! What a Christmas....er, I mean, Easter!

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