26 March 2010

Give Away and a Moving Date!

First things first, my friend Emily is having a delish give away on her blog. Go here to take part, leave a comment and let her know I sent you. If you like tea or even if you aren't a big tea fan (like myself) I can pretty much guarantee you will love this tea! We had a tea tasting night for one our monthly ladies fellowship meetings and this was the best tea we tasted.

Secondly, but perhaps slightly more importantly (sorry Em!) - we booked our flights! This is a bit of old news for those of you on FB, but that's just how it goes. We fly out at 7:40am on Monday June 14th! I am perhaps most looking forward to sweating the WHOLE summer! (Please remind me of that when I'm roasting.) And so the adventures of getting rid our belongings begin again. Only 3 short years ago and we were in the same spot. Except this time there is much less to get rid of - thank goodness!

We'd appreciate your prayers today and into next week about our future. Some of our future plans are potentially being decided during this time frame. But for now, when we return to the U.S. we'll be staying with my parents in Nashville. And we are waiting on God to show us what to do from there.

Happy weekend to you all. Hurray for British Summer Time beginning here tomorrow night!! Bring on the long evenings!


Miss Mommy said...

I thought you would be doing a give-away of your stuff! No idea I was the giver...so funny.

Congrats!!!!!! That's too soon, tho.

3 for Me! said...

I can't imagine how great it feels just to have the flight booked and PLANS!! We'll be praying for the "what next" and all the decisions that have to be made;)

I definitely don't envy you all having to move... we went through that a bit as we GREATLY scaled down all the "stored" items we had in our attic before the renovations!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you guys. Let me know if you are in the Raleigh area. I would love to see you.
Erin Perry

The Green Family said...

Wow, Rachel. Exciting stuff on the horizon. I think of you often and pray for you guys as I am praying for us! I hope you are well. Call sometime if you ever get the hankering! I'd love to hear your voice & catch up.