07 April 2010

All Things Photography

It's been an eventful 24+ hours for me and my photography "business."

First, (and I can't believe I'm saying this!) I've agreed to photograph my first wedding! After 2 weeks of deliberation, prayer, getting Mark and other friends' input, emailing the bride about various things, doing some researching on equipment upgrades I need to make, etc, I finally decided to go for it! I've said repeatedly I'd never shoot a wedding and here I am not very far into my photography career already breaking said vow. Never say never. It'll bite you every time! I'm not exactly sure what made me stop and ponder this request, but ponder it I did. And the biggest shock of it to me, I'm super excited! Nervous, yes, but excited about yet another new challenge! The bride-to-be is a sister of one of my friends who used to live here in Aberdeen, but has returned to the Philly area (where the wedding will also be). July 10th is the big day!

In light of said commitment, I decided it would be advantageous to get some training (however small) from an actual wedding photographer before the big day. I contacted a couple of photographers in the Nashville area to see if anyone would let me shadow for a couple of weddings that they are shooting. So far I've had one lady come back to me and agree! We're still ironing out the details, but hopefully that will work out so I don't have to shoot the wedding blind :)

This afternoon was my afternoon to take portraits of my friends at Cafe Plus (the ministry I referenced a couple weeks ago that is at our church for the 55+ on Wednesday afternoons). God was so gracious to give me an assistant (who it turns out, knew waaaaay more about photography than I did [though that really wouldn't be super hard!] and had much better equipment also [again, not too hard to do!]) and was a huge asset to the 1.5 hours of straight portrait shooting for about 20 individuals/couples. I was so grateful God answered my prayers for sunshine! It was out a good part of our time of shooting making for some nice portraits. After most everyone had left the church building I took some shots to remember our church by. These are shots that I've been plotting in my head (while listening to every word of the sermons!) for a long time now. This was also on my bucket list (see this post if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Without further ado, a few favs of the day....

This actually wasn't a very typical shot, but I did try it on a few ladies I know better.
Grandma, the next time I see you, I want to get one like this of you!

No, thankfully the minister doesn't preach from up there :) I didn't ever put on my wider lens so I have no good shots of the whole of the church. Sorry!

Part of the "In Remembrance" of fallen soldiers from the Aberdeen area. I've always wondered, is this in reference to THE Rober Burns?

A portion of one of the stained glass windows

Centre (ha, make that center) of the rose window at the back of the church

Ever since I've known what shallow depth of field is I've wanted to get this shot! It's the very purple carpet :)

The pilars are oh so nice. I like the purple/gold detailing on them at the top.

More purple and gold detailing that I enjoy looking at.

So you can see where that purple and gold detailing are.


Becky said...

Rachel, I am delighted to hear you'll be shooting the wedding. It will be so good to see you again!
Lots of love,

Kristin Tabb said...

Wow, a wedding?! That is brave. I hope it goes really well and that you enjoy it! I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

congrats again. love the hand photo!

Mamama said...

Wonderful photos - I know you'll do great at the wedding!