20 April 2010

Time's a Tickin'

The days are flying off the calendar and it dawned on me we only have 8 weeks from yesterday left here. I have been trying to soak up the moments. (Except for the moments of snow yesterday and today - those I'm trying to erase from my memory. If only flights were flying regularly [and not messed up due to the volcanic ash] I would have hopped the first one to Nashville. Snow in April is WRONG!)

It's becoming strange to me that soon my "diary" (day planner) will be filled with things happening in another country and not this one.

We'd appreciated your prayers as we look forward to what is to come. Mark doesn't have a job (nor any viable leads at this point) and I hope to pursue my own photography business. We look forward seeing how the Lord leads and provides for us both in work and other ways.


Miss Mommy said...

Love you, friend. I am happy for you...I think. :)

3 for Me! said...

snow in April sounds ROUGH!!! We have a little coooler weather too (compared to the 80/90s that started spring)... glad we're back in the 70's... for now;)

Praying for you all through another transition;)