15 April 2010

As Usual....

Well it's same 'ole, same 'ole around here. I've been behind the camera (or editing) in my spare time. Mark's been pluggin' away. And is ready to be done. And I wouldn't mind that either! I am at a loss of words and lacking motivation to write the posts I have been wanting to write. So, as usual, I'll let some photos I've taken the past 4 days do the talking. Did I mention I love photography? :) :) :)

Oh, glorious spring! You do my heart good!

I chased quite a few bumble bees Sunday evening. Miraculously got one in focus in the eyes!

I know how you feel buddy. (What's not to love about children's photography. Seriously!)

Or seniors for that matter. One last lady who couldn't get her photo taken last week.


Kate E. said...

That picture of my kids is hilarious! I love it!

Miss Mommy said...

RO, love the diversity of the photos. Well done!

Jonathan and Noella said...

Your photography is awesome and I really like the effects you use as well! Hope all is well. Any word on your next move?