24 March 2010

God's Economy

I love God's economy. I love that in giving I receive. I love that when I am empty, He fills.

Have you ever waited so much you start to feel you really can wait no longer? That's where I was yesterday and this morning. But today throughout the day, I have been pleading with God to change me in the wait. (And not because I'm spiritual, but because I've been miserable!) Because that's why I'm here, right?


The amazing thing. He's been answering. All day. In little ways.

Ever since November I've been helping out on Wednesday afternoons at a ministry through our church called CafePlus. Basically just a gathering for over 55's to get out of the house, see some friendly faces, have their bodies stretched (they do chair aerobic-type things), mind challenged (by various speakers/topics), and tummies filled (tea/coffe and "homebakes"). This has slowly become my favorite time of the week. Each week I get to chat with, smile at, get smiled at, serve these beautiful people. And every week, no matter how much I give (which really isn't that much all things considered), I receive more than I give. I always walk away blessed, filled, encouraged. Only in God's economy.

Another way God has filled my tired heart today, just came via a friend's blog. We knew and her family from our church in Raleigh. You've got to read this post. She spelled out so much of what God has been teaching me and challenging me with. And not only that, she posted the most amazing song on there. It's my new theme song.

May God be glorified in the wait.


The Green Family said...

Amen & amen, my friend. Right with ya.

Joy for the Seasons said...

I love this. (And not because you mentioned my blog!)

Miss Mommy said...

May God end your wait soon. :)

melissa said...

Amen from me, too