01 January 2009

Happy Birthdays & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has been enjoying their first day of 2009. We decided to celebrate the Aberdeen New Year (at 7pm EST) so we could go to bed before 12:00am :)

Each New Year's Day brings other celebrations at our house since it is my Dad's birthday. While it is tough for anyone to have a birthday close to Christmas we strive to still make it a special day for him. Today was no exception. Mom made a great breakfast (well, I heard/smelled it was great since I couldn't actually eat it) and then Dad opened gifts. You can see my youngest brother (i.e. my parent's dog, Yafo) was close at hand to help when it was time to open gifts. Too bad I had the lens focused on Yafo rather than Dad (or both of them) -- oh well, that's what happens when you are learning!

The other birthday we have in our family is my Mom's Mom, my Grandma. Today she is 75! And while she is miles away in Missouri we still all enjoyed talking with her on the phone. Happy Birthday, Grandma! Thanks for your love, example of a godly woman, and prayers for all of us. We love you! (And thanks to my brother for the photo.)Other than those events today, I've been learning more about my camera, new lens, and photo program that came with the camera. Poor Yafo has been the target of much of my learning. As long as the flash doesn't go off he does a decent job of letting me photograph him. At this point he is more willing than the other members of my family. One of these days I hope to get some more cooperation from them!
This is his "I dare you to grab the bone" look. He loves to play tug-of-war. He is tons of fun and we'll miss him when we leave.
Edited: How could I forget the other big event of the day? Watching the Georgia Bulldogs (Mark's favorite team, of course) play (and win) The Capital One Bowl! How fun to be able to view one game this season. Such a treat!

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