30 December 2008

Beloved Cayman

We are back in NC. On the 17th when we left Charlotte for Cayman we left thick fog, unfortunately we landed in the same thing when we returned on Saturday evening. You better believe I was sad to leave Cayman behind! However, thankfully today the sun has returned here with some warmer temps to boot.

Just thought I couldn't leave you without seeing a few more pics of our trip to beloved Cayman. They are sort of in random order, but all parts of our trip I wanted to share. (Just an FYI, this is going to be kinda long!)

I think the present I was most excited to give this year was to Mark's mom, Darlene. Mark and I agreed with his siblings before Christmas that we'd take family photos (by yours truly!) for Darlene's present. She loves family photos, so we decided on a big collage. It was fun taking the photos and more fun seeing her open the gift and enjoy it. (In case you wonder why there are a few spots without pics it's because there was some family off the island, so they can be filled in later.)
Since I bragged on our youngest nephew, thought I'd also show you the second youngest, Dominic who is seven. He recently lost his two front teeth and I just adored this photo we took at the beach. Here's one more of him on Christmas day playing his brother's new toy guitar. He was quite the rock star :)
There are many unique and beautiful Caymanian traditions. One of the traditions is weaving palm leaves to make baskets, purses, etc. Mark's mom is very skilled in this old tradition and was working on a new basket while we were there. I was enthralled by her patience, skill and the beauty of the weave. It wasn't actually finished before we left so I don't have a finished project to show you.
On Friday, our last full day in Cayman, Mark offered to take me to East End, about a 40 minute drive from his mom's house (in West Bay). There is less commercialization and fewer tourists on that part of the island (well, really fewer people in general). It had been a couple years since we'd been there so it was refreshing to see the beauty again. One of the highlights of the trip was stalking this heron who was very kind to let me take his portrait for probably a good 15 minutes.
Below is one of my favorite spots on the island. It's the area of the sea overlooked by a restaurant we've eaten at several times. I just love the water!
We also stopped at a beach area so I could snap some shots. I still don't think the pictures do this place justice!Mark spotted a pelican (?) in the water. I had just enough time to find it in my view finder before the bird started to fly, which then allowed me to capture his glorious flight.
Another spot we stopped was the "Blow Holes" where the iron-ore shore line has holes in it. When the waves hit the holes, the water blows up through the holes and causes a great spray, almost like a geyser.One night early in our trip Mark took me to see the sunset. Boy was it fun to photograph!
I've always enjoyed photographing flowers. And I've also always loved color. Maybe that's why I love flowers. While I'd love for you to see them all in a larger format, I took too many too do that! I think I photographed every flower in my mother-in-laws yard. Didn't God make some amazing and such diverse flowers?!

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