19 December 2008

In Which a Jet-lagging Rooster Almost Got His Neck Wrung

(I just finished the book "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Vernes, and many of the chapter titles in the book begin with "In Which...." and then explain a little of the chapter, thus inspiring this post's title.)We arrived safely in beautiful Grand Cayman on Wednesday afternoon to a balmy 82 degrees and sun. I couldn't have been happier :) Our busyness and travels over the previous week, combined with perhaps some lingering jet-lag made me long for bedtime at 7pm Wednesday evening. Somehow, though I managed to stay awake until nearly 10pm.Being as tired as I was I thought I would sleep great. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Various things kept waking me up -- not the least of which was a rooster crowing not far from the house -- at 2:30am!! Seeing as how I was lying there awake for awhile (bored and frustrated) my thoughts drifted to how it was shortly after 7:30am in Aberdeen. That led me to think that the sun would be rising there shortly. Which then led me to think, "that stupid rooster must have just flown over from the UK and is jet-lagging and confused. Why else would he be crowing at 2:30am?!"
He struck up his tune again at 4:30am, but it went on for longer. Let's just say, he nearly had his neck wrung by me since I was desperate to sleep. Last night it was refreshing that none of the many roosters roaming the island decided to crow before it was actually daylight -- or if they did, I was so tired I slept right through.

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