22 December 2008

Thoughts on Being Counter-Cultural

I just read a friend's blog post: Santa or no Santa? That is the Question!. The title alone will clue you into its touchy contents. Not that we have children yet, but if the Lord blesses, it's never too early to start thinking about how we would handle this cultural issue. Just thought some of you with little ones at home might be encouraged to read what one family is doing with Santa, or rather not doing. Myself having also grown up in a family where Santa wasn't a part of our Christmas traditions, I can echo her thoughts on the children not feeling left out, or scarred, etc. I'm grateful for how my parents made Christmas about Christ. Blessings to you all as you traverse this cultural road.

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3 for Me! said...

I thought Dana did a GREAT job on her post.... she's got a great style of writing and explaining things:)

I totally echo her thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We also do not do Santa. But kids will still pick up the lingo... how could they NOT... that is ALL Christmas is about on the TV, at the store or on Christmas conversation targeted at our young ones. So every family will have to talk to their kids about Santa eventually... it's NOT possible to ignore it:)

I also had another idea. When the conversations have turned to Santa this year, I've tried to direct us back to the manger and Christ. I love when Dana said that we need to "parent with grace".... so we would never fuss with the kids for talking abiut Santa... but it is great to end the conversation with the REAL meaning and focus of Christmas:)

Merry Christmas!!